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E-Learning Solutions

Transform the way your institution delivers academic and professional training whiles meeting the needs of your students by introducing online learning or integrating it into your existing method of course delivery. Online learning enables learners to fit studies into their busy lifestyles, by helping them access course instructions regardless of location and time of the day.

We help you design, set up and deploy engaging and intuitive online learning portals to deliver your online learning courses. Our solutions facilitate delivery of course content, communication, collaboration and evaluation of students’ performance. Our e-learning solutions include the following:

Asynchronous Online Learning

With this type of course offering, learning does not take place in real-time but students are given a time frame to read content, submit assignments, write examinations and complete the course. They are provided with instructions, content, assignments and assignment submission deadlines. Learners are given the opportunity to interact with each other and their instructors and facilitators through discussion boards, emails and private chats.

Virtual Classrooms

This is an instructor-led course offering where all enrolled students are required to interact online with their instructors simultaneously, just as in the case of traditional classroom education. Interactions among learners and instructors occur through videos, audio and text messages. Learners are able to ask questions and obtain feedback from instructors in real-time. They are provided with content, assignments, assignment submission deadlines and examinations.

Blended Learning

Blended online learning approach combines in-person education with online learning. Learners meet their instructors face-to-face periodically during the course of their studies and study online in between face-to-face sessions. They also have opportunity to interact with each other and their instructors online via discussion boards, private messages and e-mails.

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